Rapoo X1800S Black Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo


Brand Rapoo
Model Rapoo X1800S
Connectivity Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
Color Black
Resolution 1000 DPI
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Rapoo X1800 Wireless Optical Mouse & Keyboard Combo Set

The Rapoo X1800 Wireless Optical Mouse & Keyboard Combo features 10 meter wireless transmission for both mouse and keyboard, this lets you use your PC in a convenient way from distance. Its media control featured keyboard has function keys which lets you control your media player, volume adjustment, home page etc., with ease. With the spill resistant keyboard design, you can have a convenient typing experience without worrying about the accidental spills on your keyboard. The mouse’s 1000 dpi helps it detect and respond to smaller movements so you can point at things more accurately with smooth cursor control. The keyboard comes with 12 months of battery life and the mouse has 9 months of battery life without interruption.
The Rapoo wireless keyboard and mouse combo is the perfect computer periphal set for you workstation. It has a reliable 2.4G wireless connection of up to 10 meters, media control and a spill-resistant design.

Wireless Connectivity

The Rapoo keyboard uses a 2.4G wireless connection, which gives you a wireless radius of 10 meters. This makes it easier for you to use your system from a distance, especially if you are using a TV or monitor with your PC, as you can sit back and relax from afar.

Media Control

This keyboard comes with a number of media keys that gives you quick access to various functions like media player, homepage and volume adjustment.

Spill-Resistant Design

No more crying over spilled milk next to your keyboard as it comes with a spill-resistant design that lets you have a care-free typing experience.

Accurate Cursor Positioning

The mouse that comes with this set has a 1000 DPI high-definition invisible tracking engine which ensures accurate and smooth cursor control.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The wireless keyboard comes with up to 12 months of battery life as it uses Rapoo’s latest energy saving technology. The mouse also has up to 9 months of no power interruptions, making this a convenient combination.


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